Cancer Female Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Cancer female.

Cancer Female Characteristics

  • A Cancer woman is very sensitive, emotional, kind and caring. Although most of her traits are hidden, she is still a strong person.

  • She is shy and dislikes criticism. She is incapable of tolerating rejection and is easily hurt by harsh words. This will make her hesitant in doing things.

  • A Cancer woman is extremely loyal and has a rich sense of humor. She will make an ideal companion, provided you learn to adjust with her mood swings.

  • She is quite careful with her expenditures and preserves things that have sentimental value attached to them.

  • A Cancer woman is very possessive about everything she has.

  • They are attractive and expressive and expect their partner to compliment them.

  • They love to be pampered by their close ones. A Cancer woman likes to be hugged, praised all the time and stays away from a person who is less emotionally attached to her.

  • They love to fantasize and usually make their near and dear ones a part of it.

  • Family is always their first preference and ensures their security. She would work hard to achieve this goal.

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