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Cancer Personality Characteristics

Find out about the personality characteristics of Cancer zodiac sign. Know what a Cancer person is likely to behave/live in life.

Cancer Personality Characteristics

Cancer is ruled by Moon which signifies inner peace and the subconscious mind. Hence individuals falling under Cancer sign is meditating in nature and has an artistic side. Besides, Cancer being a Cardinal sign, people born under this sign do not lack motivation and are men of action. But the characteristic trait that really sets them apart is their caring nature. People belonging to this sign make good parents as they are generally loving and protective of their near and dear ones. This is because Cancer is ruled by the element Water and hence the individuals born under this sign are compassionate and deeply emotional. But this emotional side has its own demerit as they may easily turn into moody and clinging individuals. They can be too sentimental and be easily offended. They may also come across as self-absorbed individuals bordering on self-pity.